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About us


At Duncan’s we’re all about good times with friends and family…we like to call them our mates.  That is why we love to sell you the best of beer, spirits, and wine across Victoria and Tasmania.

Since 1994, Duncan's has been dedicated to giving you great range, competitive prices and excellent customer service. We work hard to build great relationships with our suppliers in order to give you, the customer, the best prices.  At Duncan’s we want you to get more for your dollar!

Searching for the perfect ale to serve your father-in-law? Or a good bourbon for your mates? Ask our staff! Duncan's is operated by a team of independent retailers, so the people who run the store - own them. This is why we can assure that our locations throughout Victoria and Tasmania have experienced and knowledgeable staff with quality advice and an answer to your questions.

Browse through our online catalogues and check out the specials on your favourite brands - they won't disappoint. We want to make your shopping experience a pleasure and not a chore!

Locate your nearest Duncan's now and come on in! Get your drinks at the mates’ rates and experience the Duncan difference.

Your mate,


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